Monday, August 24, 2009

Blog reboot

The last few months I have been busy either enjoying the sunshine or thinking about my goals in life, and trying to decide where to take my career. I haven't had time to focus on writing my blog and time has come to remedy that.

This blog initially had two purposes. It was a notebook for things I found interesting and a way to make me a smartass who supposedly knows something about agile.

The problem in writing good blog entries is the time required for making a balanced argument. If you don't take that time, you end up writing flamebait or simply repeating what others have said. Where's the fun in that?

So what's next? I will start organizing my thoughts and start writing about the things that I really find interesting, the stuff that keeps me motivated and awake at nights. Some of those things include agile, lean, software architecture, leadership, and what makes people happy.

I need a new name for this blog, though, since it won't really be about agile anymore. Suggestions?

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