Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Now what?

For all intents and purposes I've abandoned my blog years ago. I've been thinking about starting to write again, but in the past three years my interests and aspirations have changed dramatically.

Things that have changed:
  • I finally understand my values and the kind of work I want to do
  • I finally understand why I've been miserable as software engineer
  • I've decided to change careers, I don't want to write software anymore
  • This Agile and Lean thing I had going on? Forget it. Not going to save the world.
  • What will? Human creativity, leadership, and the bloody Deming Transformation. And as long as we're operating in a capitalistic context the primary tool for change must be business.
  • I am almost finished with my MBA
  • Current interests: user-centered methods, philosophy, coaching, business & organizations, zen
Should I delete this blog and start a new one, or change this blog's direction, I wonder? Once again, I am thinking too much and doing too little.

So I decided to write this post and just get on with it.

Have to do something about this ancient butt-ugly layout for sure.