Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OO Day 2009 presentation: Scrum Is Not Enough

Here are the slides for a presentation I gave with Marko today at OO Day 2009 in Tampere, Finland. We had around 400 people in the audience - more than there were attendees in Scan-Agile 2009!

Since the presentation was in Finnish so are the slides. I might write more on the subject later on.

Paper on TDD and architecture

Couple of years ago me and Marko Taipale wrote an experience report on our experiment in using TDD (in the strict, XP definition) to build a game platform. The idea was to try and see if an architecture would emerge like XP claims (it did not).

Originally the paper was intended as an experience report for the XP2008 conference but was rejected due to insufficient research data. It is fair to say that the paper is our take on the TDD controversy that raged at that time, and we did write it at Jim Coplien's suggestion.

The paper is a couple of years old but since at least two people asked for a copy I decided to put the paper online. Perhaps you will find it interesting.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Testing In Agile presentation

I gave a thirty-minute talk about testing in agile projects in December's Agile Dinner in Helsinki. Here are the slides.

It was nice to have so many participants from TestausOSY visiting our dinner! Too bad not many stayed for the beers (read: actual conversation) afterwards.