Monday, March 9, 2009

Agile software development summarized in Agile Dinner

Last month I organized the monthly Agile Dinner in Helsinki with the theme "what have you done right in your previous software projects?". I specifically asked people to forget literature and just focus on what they have directly experienced. The outcome could be the table of contents of any agile software development book!

Form a cross-functional team, put them in one room where they are surrounded by information radiators and whiteboards and can work in peace. Provide them direct access to business people and end users and make sure they understand the goals of the project. Maintain the big picture and provide an environment that facilitates learning and try to involve experienced developers and maybe a coach. Use metrics to measure progress. The technical environment should allow for continuous integration and automated regression testing. Consider laying down basic architecture. Be honest, deliver frequently and think a lot.

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