Friday, March 20, 2009

Levels of consulting

Here is a quick categorization of consulting work that I came up with some friends some time ago.

Level 1: Introduction
Basic concepts, sales pitches, two-day training course, lectures and exercises

Level 2: Consulting
Discussing or planning how a customer should use the material in his/her context

Level 3: Coaching
Implementing changes with the daily or weekly help of a coach, may include an intensive training period

Level 4: Follow-up
Coach periodically returns to customer after a couple of months to see how things are going and adjust as necessary

What has this to do with agile? When "going agile" many companies only buy level 1, then go and run their heads to the wall. I have heard both Jeff Sutherland and Jim Coplien state that "70% of Scrum implementations fail". Wonder why.

By the way, Certified ScrumMaster training is level 1.

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