Thursday, March 19, 2009

Turku Agile Day 2009

Just came back from the Turku Agile Day 2009. Good to see the agile movement on the rise in Turku. Thanks for the organizers, keep up the good work, guys! Next time I am staying for the party.

A few tidbits stuck in my mind:

  • "The human execution of a process cannot be copied." said Pekka Abrahamsson when he was discussing the difficulty of duplicating successful practices in projects.

  • Agilists often add the fourth dimension of quality to the holy trinity of software projects: features, time, and resources. Ola Ellnestam added a fifth, forming the iron pentagon of software development: features, time, resources, quality, customer satisfaction.

  • Ola also suggested viewing software development as a system from which customers pull features out. Contrast this with the traditional way of pushing features into the system as requirements, which then pushes them out to the user. Pull instead of push is the starting point for Lean and all kinds of good things come from it, but I have not previously thought of pull as a way of making sure you deliver only what is needed. How silly is that?

  • Something I enjoyed was Petri Taavila's frank, down to earth presentation about Nokia Siemens Network's agile transformation with wrinkles and everything. Wonderful to have an honest presentation about the good, the bad and the ugly of turning agile. Thanks, Petri!

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